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Sore Losers

Texas Senator John Cornyn wins the overreacting award for threatening “World War III” if the Democrats try to seat Al Franken in the Senate before Norm Coleman can fully pursue his case through the federal courts. Even Cornyn admits that a federal challenge could take “years” to resolve. Meanwhile, Minnesota will be without one of their senators.

Recall that right after the election, when initial results showed Coleman slightly ahead, he declared that Franken should concede to save time and money. But after the recount put Franken ahead (and by a larger margin than Coleman’s earlier lead) he changed his tune. A state lawsuit has been dragging on ever since (almost 5 months now), but a ruling from the 3-judge state election panel is expected any day now. Everyone expects Franken to be declared the winner, but Coleman will undoubtably appeal to the state supreme court, and then to federal court, on up to the US Supreme Court. Years, indeed.

I guess this is the Republican way of saying that if they can’t win, they won’t let anyone play.