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Getting your fact-checking facts straight

Whenever I receive one of those chain letters making some unbelievable claims, I wander over to Snopes to see if it is true (or if it really is literally unbelievable). But recently a chain letter has been going around that claims that Snopes itself lies, and is secretly run by Democrats (horrors!).

Which brings up the interesting question — how do you fact check a fact checking site? With another fact checking site, of course. The Annenberg Foundation’s stepped in to dispel any nasty rumors about Snopes. And since is funded by a conservative foundation, you can probably believe them when they say that Snopes does not have a liberal bias.

That is, unless you discount the fact that facts have a notoriously liberal bias.

From xkcd



  1. Zach Pruckowski wrote:

    Mandatory XKCD reference:

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  2. Iron Knee wrote:

    Thanks! Great xkcd comic.

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