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Coverage of the Tea Parties

Some coverage from CNN featuring a protestor calling Obama a fascist and holding a sign depicting Obama as Hitler. The reporter asks him several times why he thinks Obama is a fascist, and his reply is only “because he is”.

A more accurate answer to her question might have been “because Fox News tells me he is.” In this coverage from the “we report, you decide” cable news channel, their reporter Cody Willard calls the stimulus bill a “fascist” piece of legislation, and exhorts viewers to “wake up and start fighting the fascism that seems to be permeating this country.”

See also this video, which shows Fox’s Neil Cavuto blatantly lying. On the air he claims that the crowd size at a protest in Sacramento as “easily” 10,000 to 15,000 people, while just before that (but off the air) he and his producer estimated the crowd at 5,000. The California Highway Patrol independently estimated the crowd to be 5,000 at its peak. Crowd numbers were expected to be higher in California than most other states, because anti-tax sentiments are running especially high after Governor Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers made a budget deal in February that included temporary increases to sales, income and vehicle taxes.

Thanks to DailyKosTV.

UPDATE: OMG! View this clip from the Fox affiliate in Boston:

UPDATE 2: The Fox News blog features an article by Peter Roff titled “Tea Parties — Mission Accomplished”. Do these people really not get the irony of this? It was bad enough that they kept calling it teabagging.

UPDATE 3: Good summary of the whole thing: “Fox News-driven “tea parties” fail to ignite popular uprising among U.S. conservatives“. Of course it is not in a US newspaper.


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