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Republic of Texas

Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas put his foot in his mouth earlier this week when he suggested that at some point Texas might get fed up enough by excessive government spending that they would want to secede from the union.

Democrats immediately responded that Texas should not let the door hit their *ss on the way out. FiveThirtyEight and BorderExplorer even compiled some statistics on how much better off the country would be if Texas were not in it.

It is ironic that Perry would suggest that Texas secede because of their dislike of federal spending, when they are one of the top states receiving federal money.

But the hilarious news that prompted this post was that the Texas Legislature responded to Perry’s complaints about too much spending by removing 95% of the money from Perry’s office budget. A Perry spokeswoman called the move “silly games”.

Texans like to say “Remember the Alamo”, but they lost that one, too.


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    Kinky Friedman 2010!!!

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