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The conservative movement has the emotional maturity of a bratty 13 year old

Republicans are fond of claiming that they have nothing against Obama personally (what, me racist?), it is just they don’t like his policies.

So it is interesting to see that the right can’t contain their glee that Obama failed to get the 2016 Olympics in Chicago:

  • The newsroom of the Weekly Standard burst into applause.
  • Rush Limbaugh admitted “For those of you … who are upset that I sound gleeful, I am. I don’t deny it. I’m happy. Anything that gets in the way of Barack Obama accomplishing his domestic agenda is fine with me.”
  • Glenn Beck broadcast “Please, please let me break this news to you. It’s so sweet.”
  • Red State’s Erick Erickson wrote “Hahahahaha”.
  • Michelle Malkin and Newt Gingrich tweeted gleeful messages. Newsmax tweeted “ChicagP\/\/n3D!”

As Paul Krugman puts it, “the modern conservative movement, which dominates the modern Republican Party, has the emotional maturity of a bratty 13-year-old.”

It is clear that the right has eliminated any semblance of thinking and is now on autopilot, opposing anything and everything the president is for, just for the sake of trying to defeat him in any way they can. They don’t even bother to offer alternatives; their agenda starts and stops at NO. Even if saying no is bad for America.



  1. Sammy wrote:

    If you change Obama to Bush and Chicago to Dallas and if liberals in the media or blogosphere cheered at the loss of the Olympics under the same circumstances, Rush, Beck, Hannity, Cal Thomas, George Will, et al would be screaming UN-AMERICAN, AMERICA HATERS, and UNPATRIOTIC at the top of their lungs.

    These morons hate Obama so much that they root against America. Pathetic.

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 11:19 am | Permalink
  2. Chris wrote:

    This begs the question, why does Boehner think he can get away with saying something so obviously untrue? The answer, of course, is that he knows the mainstream media will let him.

    It’s Exhibit #219 against a “liberal media.”

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 2:55 pm | Permalink