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The Christmas Spirit

Last week, the christian American Family Association came out gunning against Gap, Inc., announcing a “two-month boycott over the company’s failure to use the word ‘Christmas’ in its advertising to Christmas shoppers”. On its website, AFA says that Gap “does not use the word ‘Christmas’ to avoid offending those who don’t embrace its meaning. Christmas has historically been very good for commerce. But now Gap wants the commerce but no Christmas.”

Except, if you watch Gap’s most popular ad, it says “Christmas” right up front.

Not only did the AFA get this totally wrong, but ironically their boycotts in the past have had the opposite effect that they intended. The AFA’s largest boycott, a decade-long one against Disney, saw the world’s largest entertainment company’s revenues double. Other AFA boycotts have had similar effects. It is almost as if God smiles on companies that are boycotted by the AFA.

After all, Jesus was strongly against merchants mixing it up with religion, famously driving out from the temple area those who were buying and selling. The AFA is upset at corporations for not using the word “Christmas” in their advertising, but shouldn’t they actually be upset at the companies that use Christmas to sell things?

Of course, the AFA boycott probably isn’t about Christmas at all, it is more likely just a part of the AFA’s annual fundraising drive.

Talk about the Christmas Spirit.