Jame O’Keefe became an instant conservative hero last fall when he released film allegedly showing ACORN employees advising him on how to break the law. In the video, he dressed up like a pimp in a cheap X rated movie. However it was later determined that O’Keefe edited the video footage to change appearances. For example, when he went to the ACORN offices he was wearing normal clothes, but he edited in scenes of himself wearing the pimp outfit. He also edited questions and answers to make it appear that he was receiving illegal advice. In the end, no criminal charges were brought against ACORN, and an independent investigation cleared them of any wrongdoing. For its part, ACORN fired several people for improper conduct.

But that didn’t stop conservatives from going on the warpath, and trying to defund ACORN (despite the fact that that is unconstitutional). Curiously, the only person who had actually broken the law was O’Keefe himself, for filming people without their permission and entrapment, but he was never charged.

But O’Keefe might get his day in court as a defendant after all. On Monday, O’Keefe and three other men were arrested by federal agents when, dressed and claiming to be phone company employees, they tried break into the office phone system of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu in New Orleans.

So, if O’Keefe and his buddies are convicted, with Congress attempt to defund all conservative organizations associated with O’Keefe?

UPDATE: See the comments. Also see this article about one of the other defendents, who is the son of the acting US Attorney for that district, and is a Bush appointee about to be replaced by an Obama appointee.