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How things get done in DC

Washington DC has had a huge snow storm but for some reason hasn’t gotten around to plowing the streets. That prompted this humorous piece in Facebook:

Obama announces that he wants to get the snow plowed, but that he wants bipartisan consensus and compromise instead of unilateral action, and that instead of him pushing a particular bill, he wants Congress to work out the details. The Republicans, seeing that Obama is for cleaning up the snow, decide that they must be against it, and they negotiate the plan down to clearing half the snow and doing it very slowly. Then they still refuse to support it. Joe Lieberman expresses his intention to join Republicans in filibustering the bill if it comes to that.

Eventually, the Republicans have whittled it down to a ceremonial resolution expressing support for the idea of somebody plowing the snow at some point in the future, and the Democrats have thrown in some tax cuts to appease them. It finally passes, still getting zero Republican votes despite all that (other than Olympia Snowe, since it reminds her of her name). Republicans attribute this to the Democrats’ hyper-partisanship and unwillingness to negotiate. At this point, it is July.