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Terminology Termination

© Matt Bors

I find the way corporations use words to be very ironic.

Several people have pointed out that in order for something to be called a “spill”, whatever is spilling must have been contained beforehand. The Exxon Valdez was a spill, because the oil was contained in a tanker before it was spilled. In a spill, there is a maximum amount of oil that can be released accidentally. But the leak from the BP oil rig explosion, which happened one month ago, could go on for a very long time.


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  1. Sammy wrote:

    Rand Paul has criticized the Obama administration for being too hard on BP, saying that we should not be playing the blame game, because “sometimes accidents happen”. You mean an “accident” as when a guy has eight drinks in two hours at a bar and then kills a family of four on his way home? THAT kind of “accident”?

    Friday, May 21, 2010 at 2:47 pm | Permalink