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Jews fleeing Israel for Poland, Germany

[I’m reposting this from Bullseye Rooster, in honor of Helen Thomas. © Fred Wickham]

Nearly eighty years after displacement from their historic early 20th century homeland, Israelites are returning to Europe. From the air, impossibly long lines of Priuses, motorbikes, and tour-buses can be seen carrying the Jews through the desert into Syria. From there, they travel up through Turkey, across the Dardenelles into Greece, Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and finally into Poland and Germany. There, they trade their heirlooms for Euros and try to settle into newly rented and remodeled condos and apartments.

It is not easy for the Europeans. Few of them are eager to step aside and allow the Jews into their boating clubs, hunting lodges, and even their town squares. But as always, in the hands of this clever race of people, the Euros work their magic.

Will things work out? Maybe for a few short centuries, but the Jews will move on. All of this, of course, has been prophesied in “The Protocols of the Elder, Helen Thomas.” Her protocols outline, in grim detail, how these people destroy civilization. They steal children, clip their toenails, and plant the parings in fields from which extra-dimensional entities spring up and devour the gentiles.