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Who Are You Guys?

© David Horsey


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  1. patriotsgt wrote:

    Just to be fair and balanced…. Obama raised nearly 1/2 billion for his 2008 campaign. There are still 10’s of millions in anonymous donations that have yet to be disclosed. Whats good for the goose….. Or how hypocritical is it to now cry foul when the other guys do the same thing and are maybe even better at it.

    The real reason we are hearing about everything but the most pressing current issues is simple. If politicians talked about the unemployment rate of 9.6% remaining the same after a trillion $ stimulus (850 billion plus teacher stimulus, unemployment stimulus, etc.), and the recession ending last year, foreclosures going up, wall street earning record salaries after being bailed out by washington and scrutinized closely by Obama, Geithner and Congress, the admins dismal handling of the gulf spill, Obama’s economic team and inner circle jumping ship as fast as they can, etc, etc.
    I guess it’s understandable why they want to focus on O’donnel, much easier target. By the way, Pelosi and Reid adjourned without passing a budget, again, 2 years running, the gov’t must operate under a continuing resolution. We can all guess why they don’t want to publish such a dismal document with another 1.5 trillion in deficit spending. (1 more year and they’ll pass Bush’s record that took 8 years to create) Spend more….its not real money, we’ll just print more or put it on the CCC (chinese credit card).

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