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Tea Party v2

© Clay Bennett

They protest against taxes, and yet taxes are at their lowest rate since WWII (and we are having to lay off teachers because of it).

They claim lower taxes will result in greater prosperity, and yet the periods when our prosperity was highest was back when taxes were much higher.

Did Bush’s tax cuts result in improvements to our economy? No, the economy fell apart in the worst recession since the great depression.

I’m not saying that taxing and spending are always good, I’m just saying that there is no direct, ironclad correlation either way.




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  2. and also

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  3. How many of these things have you heard in your lifetime or even accepted as fact? People believe in all sorts of funny things that have been disproven again and again. Political misconceptions are particularly subject to belief; if the perception that people only used 10% of their brains was somehow beneficial to one party, you can bet your ass they’d have a campaign running to convince everyone of it.

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  4. Iron Knee wrote:

    Ten percent? That much?

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  5. Don wrote:

    Does one count the improper use of ones brain as “use” as in using 10% or discount it as wasted energy?

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  6. Alvin B. wrote:

    I am sick and tired of otherwise reasonable people muttering revolutionary talk, threatening to tear apart our nation in the name of “patriotism”, when what they are complaining about is a PACK OF LIES designed to generate ratings for a cable TV *entertainment* network that masquerades as news. Even Fox has admitted that the majority of their programming is classified as ENTERTAINMENT, rather than NEWS, and that allows them to lie openly.

    If you really love this country, you would stop stockpiling weapons and talking about revolution, and you’d do something to actually help pull the country up by its bootstraps.

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  7. patriotsgt wrote:

    IK – on the taxes are at their lowest rate since WWII (and we are having to lay off teachers because of it).

    Are we having to lay off teachers because taxes are too low or is a combination of recessed economics and possibly mismanagement of gov money (Bell city example) in not foreseeing and preparing for the same recession?

    For instance, my sister is a successful real estate entrepreneur and owns several real estate companies. During the good times (2000-2006) her financial advisors advised her to pay herself more, take out some of the cash, spend. She ignored them (our families financially conservative democratic upbringing) and instead saved the money because she saw the potential bubble on the horizon. Consequently, while all the other RE companies are struggling during this depressed market she has bought struggling companies and stands to gain when that market returns (and it will some day) and her companies have operating capital.
    So, like many business, who lived for the moment and spent and splurged like drunken sailors so did many local, state and federal gov’s and now they are paying the price. The financial situation is as much the fault of every politician as many americans, we all contributed either directly or by letting our local politicians get away with complacency. Every state who needs fed money, obviously did not plan well, or react well to changing economic times. Its just great that they have a rich uncle with unlimited cash and credit who can bail them out. Too bad most of us don’t, we get foreclosed on or sent to bankruptcy instead.

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