Frank Rich has a fantastic rant in the NY Times about how our government is completely controlled by big money, “the big money that dominates our political system, regardless of who’s in power.” And the situation is getting worse, not better.

Ever wonder why our government is so screwed up? Go read it, now.

In case you need more encouragement, here’s one paragraph:

As John Cassidy underscored in a definitive article titled “Who Needs Wall Street?” in The New Yorker last week, the financial sector has paid little for bringing the world to near-collapse or for receiving the taxpayers’ bailout that was denied to most small-enough-to-fail Americans. The sector still rakes in more than a fourth of American business profits, up from a seventh 25 years ago. And what is its contribution to America in exchange for this quarter-century of ever-more over-the-top rewards? “During a period in which American companies have created iPhones, Home Depot and Lipitor,” Cassidy writes, the industry reaping the highest profits and compensation is one that “doesn’t design, build or sell a tangible thing.”