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Late Night Political Humor

“Legislation was enacted in 1993 designed to allow gay people to serve in the military as long as they told their colleagues that the ripped, topless and be-jean shorted fireman that they had in their foot locker was cousin Rico.” – Jon Stewart

“President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan. Nobody knew he was going — except for the WikiLeaks guy.” – Jay Leno

“What kind of name is WikiLeaks? It sounds like a Hawaiian guy that’s incontinent.” – Jay Leno

“Obama was going to have a meeting with Afghan President Karzai about the country’s corruption, incompetence, and the wasting of American tax dollars. And that’s just what Karzai was going to lecture Obama about.” – Jay Leno

“Nigerian authorities are charging former Vice President Dick Cheney on a bribery scandal that involves Haliburton. That’s when you know you’re bad, when guys in Nigeria are accusing *you* of running a scam. Cheney has offered to be hooked up to a polygraph, as soon as he’s unhooked from the defibrillator.” – Jay Leno