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Late Night Political Humor

“A Republican Congressman, Rep. Chris Lee, was caught flirting with a woman trolling for dates on Craigslist and sent her a shirtless photo of himself. He lied about his age and his marital status. He said he was 39 and divorced. He’s 46 and married, though being a Republican congressman, I’m guessing he’s really 60 and gay.” – Bill Maher

“Representative Chris Lee was forced to resign after sending a shirtless picture of himself to a woman on Craigslist. On the bright side, he did surprise his wife for Valentines Day.” –Conan O’Brien

“This is the start of New York’s Fashion Week. I just talked with N.Y. Congressman Chris Lee, and the told me shirts are totally out this season. He was married and looking for dates on Craigslist by sending shirtless photos of himself. He listed his marital status as divorced. But in fairness, he’s about to be.” – Jimmy Fallon

“I got to give it up to him. He does look really buff in that picture. In fact, after he resigned he got a call from Barney Frank begging him to stay.” – Bill Maher

“The Egyptian President is still refusing to leave. They’re calling him ‘The Leno of the Nile.'” – Craig Ferguson

“This whole revolution was started by a Facebook page. So Mubarak wasn’t so much as deposed as de-friended.” – Bill Maher

“For me the great mystery of this whole revolution was that for three weeks, these people were in this square with no bathrooms. How did they go? This will always be known in Egyptian history as the riddle of the sphincter.” – Bill Maher

“Egypt’s President Mubarak finally resigned. When they heard that a Muslim president stepped down, the Tea Party said, ‘Obama’s leaving?'” – Jay Leno

“Keith Olbermann has a new job on Al Gore’s Current TV as an investigative reporter. His job will be to find anyone that watches Current TV.” – Jay Leno

“Five years ago, Dick Cheney shot his hunting buddy. Where does the time go? That was like five heart attacks ago.” – David Letterman