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As usual, Stein adds interesting commentary:

The Republicans sure love drama, don’t they. First they threatened to shut the government down unless their demands were met. Now they’re swearing they won’t agree to raise the debt ceiling unless they get the deep cuts they want. Shutting down the government would have caused some pain, but no permanent damage. Failure to raise the debt limit would put the United States in default for the first time in its history, with truly dire consequences. Sadly, the Democrats, running scared as ever, are negotiating with these bullies, who, I have to believe, have no intention of actually letting the country default. They’re simply trying to exact as many concessions as possible before agreeing at the last second to raise the limit. I’m becoming increasingly confident that this tactic will backfire, much as the Ryan budget’s attempt to destroy Medicare did. People instinctively don’t like government at the point of a gun. That is, it will backfire IF the Democrats have the backbone to stand up to the thugs. A big if, these days.


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  1. russell wrote:

    Something doesn’t jive here. Even with no more authorized debt, the government has huge revenue and would cut everything/anything before defaulting on bonds. Hell, it’s in the Constitution. Entitlements (and two military occupations) aren’t.

    It would hurt like crazy and create a political maelstrom, but at some point we do have to stop borrowing. It’s innumerate to believe otherwise.

    Monday, June 6, 2011 at 10:55 pm | Permalink