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Hopefully, we’ll be out of Afghanistan before we start sending soldiers who weren’t born when the war there started. Obama’s announcement of a partial withdrawal (announced after this comic was published) is a good first step.



  1. Dan wrote:

    I disagree, it is NOT a good first step. 33,000 by this time next year is just 3,000 more then those added for the “surge” that stated over a year ago. A good first step would be to reduce the number 33,000 by the end of July, fire the mercenaries (I’ve heard 100,000) before the election and have all our people home for Christmas in 2012. We’ve given enough blood and treasure for something that would have been taken care of had the CIA run the show instead of the DoD, and had Iraq not become a diversion. Enough is enough. The money can be spent better at home on the long term problems that our vets will be facing from these wars. Supporting our troops takes more then a ribbon magnet made in China stuck on your car.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 7:56 am | Permalink
  2. PatriotSGT wrote:

    Wow – what an epiphany! I am finishing 2 weeks of training young combat medics how to treat trauma and combat injuries in preparation for them deploying into that theater. Several are between 18 and 20. 911 to them is an ancient memory and they’ve grown up in its shadow. Now they are preparing to meet the consequence of that reality. They are too young to have to see what I’ve seen, they should be going to the beach, or fishing or getting ready for college or anything besides what they are about to do. I have a son who turns 18 next year, he barely remembers and gets most of what he knows from discussions about the consequences (TSA, Pat Downs, Terror watch lists, news of dead terrorists)and having to do alot of growing up while his father was in some foreign country instead of playing catch in the back yard. He’s a good boy though strong in mind and spirit, just like the boys I helped train these 2 weeks. They’ll be men when they return and I pray they don’t have to wash any blood off their hands, because you never get it all off.

    It’s time to end this war. The result will be the same whether we end it tomorrow or 5 years from now. As we withdrawal, the Taliban will advance and take back what we took from them. Only the people of Afghanistan can free themselves. The Taliban have learned their lesson, they will not invite Al Qaida back, lest we unleash death from above.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 2:38 pm | Permalink