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Congressional Rating

© Ed Stein

Polls show that Congressional approval is now even lower than back before the last election, when Congressional approval was so low we kicked out a bunch of Congress and elected some newbie freshmen from the Tea Party. Ouch! Ever get the feeling that you’ve been had?


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  1. Arthanyel wrote:

    Poll after poll shows the lowest Congressional approval ratings in history, with Republicans faring worse than Democrats. As McCain alluded, the Republicans are down to only family and close relations in the approval camp.

    Obama needs to seize this opportunity to do the one thing he has not done – go public with a plan of his own to get the country back on track, with details, and dare the Republicans to shoot it down. If he can do that, and if the plan makes sense to independents, he can not only get re-elected he might be able to get the necessary majorities in Congress to enact it.

    He would also force his Republicans opponents to put out their own plans with details, and they can only lose by doing so. Either they will appear too right wing, solidifying their primary chances but killing their general election hopes, or they move towards center which will kill them in the primaries.

    But if Obama continues to try to point the finger at the Congress, and comes out with no plans of his own, he runs the risk of throwing everything to Chance and continuing to reinforce The Republican mantra that he is no leader.

    I am calling my Congress critters to beg them to make that point.

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