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Late Night Political Humor

“You know who’s also joining the Wall Street protesters? Kanye West. That’s a real good idea — a guy with diamonds in his teeth protesting greed.” – David Letterman

“Police were using pepper spray on the Wall Street protesters. That’s scary. What if they’re spraying them with condiments so the rich people can enjoy eating them?” – Craig Ferguson

“The protesters stood outside the homes of five rich dudes. Michael Moore was actually able to stand outside all five homes at the same time.” – Craig Ferguson

“The protests are getting pretty rowdy. This morning, they overturned Donald Trump’s hair and set it on fire.” – Craig Ferguson

“If I was in New York, I’d probably participate in this. Well, first I’d see ‘Jersey Boys.'” – Craig Ferguson

“President Obama had beer with four unemployed construction workers. And Obama asked the guys what was it like to lose their jobs, and they were like, ‘Oh, you’ll see.'” – Jimmy Fallon

“When the check came, Obama was like, ‘Do you guys want to split this five ways?'” – Jimmy Fallon

“They’re saying President Obama doesn’t have any friends. The problem is that he can’t get Congress to approve one.” –David Letterman

“At the last Republican debate, the candidates were seated according to how they’ve been doing in the polls. So Jon Huntsman was seated next to Tim Pawlenty at a Denny’s across the street.” – Conan O’Brien

“The candidates at the last Republican debate got to ask each other questions. Jon Huntsman asked, ‘Who am I?'” – David Letterman

“Rick Perry’s advisers said he prepared for the last debate by getting a lot more sleep. Apparently, he did it during the debate.” – Jay Leno

“Rick Perry looks like a guy who crawled out from under a painted rock. Perry’s exhausted. He’s having trouble sleeping. Calling Dr. Conrad Murray!” – David Letterman

“Rick Perry said America’s revolutionary war was fought in the 16th century. When told it was actually the 18th century, Perry apologized and said, ‘I never said I was a geology major.'” – Conan O’Brien

“Rick Perry had to leave the debate early. He was late for an execution.” – David Letterman

“At one point, Rick Santorum was interrupted by a gay heckler. But then Michele Bachmann told her husband, ‘Just shut up and sit down.'” – Jay Leno

“During the Republican debate last night, Michele Bachmann said she has 28 children, five of her own and 23 foster kids. It’s all part of her new strategy: Adopting a majority of voters.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Chris Christie has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Christie said President Obama is ‘shrinking the American pie.’ And believe me, if there’s one thing Christie hates, it’s a small pie.” – Jay Leno

“President Bill Clinton is on the show tonight, and we had trouble with security. The bomb-sniffing dogs found the cue cards.” – David Letterman

“Brian Williams said if he ever left his wife for a man, that man would be Bruce Springsteen. Which is a really weird way to begin the nightly news.” – Conan O’Brien

“One of the guys accused of organizing the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador is a used car salesman from Texas. Just when you thought terrorists couldn’t get any lower.” – Jay Leno


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  1. WiseFather wrote:

    I have posted an enhanced transcript of the September 7, 2011, GOP debate featuring special guest appearances by the WiseFather, God, Lord Voldemort, and a pigeon. I thought you might enjoy it.

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