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Late Night Political Humor

“Our badass ninja black president did it again. Don’t fuck with this guy. So far this year he killed Somali pirates, he killed bin Laden, he killed al-Awlaki, now he’s killed Gaddafi. The only threat to our way now is from Bank of America.” – Bill Maher

“Today Obama was seen leaving the White House in a nurse’s uniform on a flight to Cuba to smother Castro with a pillow.” – Bill Maher

“And you know what, if he did smother Castro with a pillow in a nurse’s uniform, Rush Limbaugh would say, ‘See, socialized medicine.'” – Bill Maher

“They found Gaddafi in a hole with a gun and luggage, or as it’s known here, the middle class.” – Bill Maher

“They say now that Gaddafi is dead and Michael Jackson is gone, we have enough over-the-top military uniforms to outfit an entire gay army.” – Bill Maher

“The end of the war in Libya is good news for Obama and good news for Michele Bachmann. Now she doesn’t have to find out where it is.” – Bill Maher

“These Republicans, they will not give credit. They gave credit to the rebels, to the British, and to the French. But they would not mention the president. It was like they were on a game show and the password was ‘Obama.’ They’re like the banks; they will not give a black man credit.” – Bill Maher

“In their world, Gaddafi died of natural causes, Bin Laden was shot in the face by the free market. You should’ve heard them, we went in too strong, everything they could’ve said that he did wrong. It’s like there’s some kind of hidden Republican clitoris, that they won’t let Obama find, and whenever he tries, they’re like ‘that’s not it!'” – Bill Maher

“I’m guessing our soldiers are happy to be leaving Iraq. It is no fun being in a country where there’s crumbling infrastructure and an ignorant population, but they said they’re happy to come home anyway.” – Bill Maher


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  1. Oregonbird wrote:

    I’m going out on a limb and positing that possibly – just possibly – you watched Bill Maher. It’s a theory I’m tinhatting to the masses. 😉

    Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 10:02 am | Permalink