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Late Night Political Humor: Cain’t Stop

“Herman Cain is going to be on David Letterman next week. Cain and Letterman on the same show. Has there ever been a worse time to be an intern?” – Jay Leno

“It was so quiet in the theater last night. I’m telling you it was quieter here than dinner at Herman Cain’s house.” – David Letterman

“As if Cain’s troubles couldn’t get worse, today, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accused Herman Cain of skimping on the pepperoni.” – David Letterman

“Herman Cain said he would beat Obama by ‘beating him with a Cain.’ Obama said, ‘I’m just glad I’m not running against Anthony Weiner.'” – Jimmy Fallon

“There was an awkward moment when Herman Cain turned to Michele Bachmann and asked her what she was willing to do to get the job.” – Conan O’Brien

“Today it’s 61 and foggy, like Rick Perry. But it’s nice to see a guy running for President who’s only groping for words.” – David Letterman

I was able to include almost all of the new Cain jokes this time. Perhaps the late night writers are over their juvenile titillating first response characterized by jokes too focused on the victims. This is probably the last time I’ll isolate Cain from his equally un-able siblings. – Iron Filing