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Newt to Public: Get Out of Your Yard!

This gem is from Mike Stanfill’s blog, The Far Left Side:

stay out, newtFrom the sublime to the truly ghastly, presidential contender and noted scam artist Newt Gingrich opened his big yap to complain about those mean old Occupiers at a Republican forum in Iowa this past weekend. One line that caught my ear was the following:

“They take over a public park they didn’t pay for, to go nearby to use bathrooms they didn’t pay for…”

Which means, I suppose, that Newt himself studiously avoids all public facilities of which he personally did not fund. (Now why do I doubt that?)

With this in mind I offer the image on your left. Feel free to place it on the entrance of any public bathroom you like just in case Newt forgets his position on the subject. At the very least it might mean you won’t have to share Newt’s butt heat the next time you visit the loo.

It is called a public park because it is for the public. What is Newt’s reliable source for the information that Occupiers are not tax payers nor members of the public? Hint: It probably rhymes with Fox. Newt’s always been the angry old man who yells at the kids in his yard. Now we know that he’s the angry old man who mutters and yells at the kids in the park too.
– Iron Filing