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One Man Wrestling: Mitt v Romney Edition, Round 1

For some time now, I’ve planned to launch a series of posts called “One Man Wrestling”. Today was to be the first but to my horror the Democratic National Committee released their version called Mitt vs Mitt yesterday afternoon. Even worse they used many of the same clips and did a far better job than I. Now I know how professor D. M. Widdie of Podunk U felt when scooped by an international coalition of scholars from Harvard and Cambridge. Widdie pitifully cried out, “there be I except for a lack of resources, skill and talent!”

Naturally, Mitt Romney campaign surrogate Tim Pawlenty struck back immediately:

Before the first vote in the Republican primary is even cast, the Democrats are blasting Mitt Romney and trying to tear him down, and I think the reason for that is they don’t want to focus on their own failure.

Well Duh, who does want to focus on their own failure! Hey wait a second, Pawlenty’s trying to change the subject. Romney can run but he can’t hide from the Romney who ran.
– Iron Filing


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