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If Politics Were A TV Show

[by Laurence Brown, reprinted from the Indy Tribune]

Republican Presidential Race Cancelled Following Poor Ratings

WASHINGTON DC – Several major television networks have announced that the Republican race for the White House – which premiered last April across America – is to be cancelled after only one caucus.

Executives decided to pull the plug on the reality TV show – which centered its plot around the political aspirations of a diverse number of conservative characters – following declining viewing figures.

“Though we had high hopes for this show when it first aired,” said NBC producer Marshall Rachniev, “it just performed poorly against episodes of Glee and re-runs of The Office.”

The Republican Race for the White House was met with mixed reactions among critics, who widely agree that it “never really recovered after the characters of pizza mogul Herman Cain and mother of 28 Michelle Bachmann were axed from the show.”

Many of the show’s failings, however, have been blamed on “predictable story-lines and trite character arcs,” with some analysts insisting that the show “didn’t ever quite know whether it was a serious drama or a sitcom.”

“By the end, I was getting really bored with the whole “Mitt-Romney-is-ahead-in-the-polls” through-plot,” said political enthusiast Sherry Kobiak. “And why did a different freaking character have a poll surge every week? It just got so confusing.”

Meanwhile, the networks would not be drawn on whether Decision 2012 – a proposed spin-off series due for launch in November – would still be aired.