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In Their Own Words

It constantly surprises me how Republican’s don’t seem to understand that in the age of YouTube and the Internet, you can’t say crazy things, lie and flip-flop willy nilly, and expect that people will forget.

For example, tonight on CNN, Romney spokesperson Eric Fehrnstrom said “I don’t think anybody expected Mitt to win Alabama or Mississippi.” But just yesterday, Mitt Romney himself said “We are going to win tomorrow.”

But even worse is how words spoken during the heat of the Republican primary can come back to bite them on the ass. And the Democrats will be happy to to remind people. Consider these two short videos:

UPDATE: Here’s a 16 second sound bite that will definitely come back to bite Romney.


One Comment

  1. Don wrote:

    You know me, I’ve pretty much been ignoring politics. Don’t really have an interest, you see, until I listened to the sound clip from Mitt Romney. He wants to get rid of Amtrak? Now he has my attention. Dits on the right have been trying to get rid of Amtrak since it started in 1971. Why would he single out Amtrak when he has such other more politically lucrative targets he can go after. Oh, he has gone after other targets? Maybe I should pay closer attention.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 3:05 pm | Permalink