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A Matter of Perspective

© Mike Luckovich

Sometimes I try to figure out from what Mitt Romney says what kinds of things he would do as president, but quickly realize that I have absolutely no idea, since Romney seems to be willing to say just about anything that is politically expedient.

The best I can figure is that he would be like George W Bush. No, not because I think he is as dumb as Dubya (he clearly isn’t), but because it seems that, like Dubya, he would be completely beholden to special interests, including the military-industrial complex and the far-right social conservatives.

UPDATE: NPR chastises Romney for trying to take credit for the auto industry recovery:

UPDATE 2: Only 11% believe that Romney deserves “a lot of credit for saving the American auto industry”. In fact, only 20% of Republicans, or 19% of conservatives, or 22% of Tea Party supporters think he deserves credit. My questions is, does Romney himself believe it?