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Late Night Political Humor

“On Sunday the White House will hold a private swearing-in ceremony for President Obama. Not to be outdone, on Sunday Republicans will hold a private swearing-AT ceremony for President Obama.” – Jimmy Fallon

“President Obama said this week that he wants to find a ‘pathway for citizenship’ for immigrants in the United States. Don’t we have that? It’s called the Rio Grande river.” – Jay Leno

“An American worker was arrested for paying someone in China to do his job for him. The man is being called lazy, irresponsible, and three years ahead of his time.” – Conan O’Brien

“Thousands of dead fish have now washed up on shore along the coast of South Carolina. Today the NRA said that this wouldn’t have happened if those fish had guns.” – Jay Leno

“The director of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ has come out against torture. And the director of ‘Lincoln’ has come out against going to the theater in 1865.” – Conan O’Brien

“The beginning of the movie ‘Lincoln’ has been slightly changed to explain the Civil War to foreign audiences. Or as Lincoln put it, ‘I would have preferred a different ENDING’.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney, has reportedly turned down a chance to appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’. Apparently, she has something called ‘self-respect’.” – Jay Leno

“Actually, she says she loves to dance and is a big fan of the show, but she said she’d rather stay home with the Biggest Loser.” – Jay Leno

“It’s reported that if you’re playing Angry Birds, the company is tracking your location. This may seem silly to you, but it’s actually how we got bin Laden.” – Conan O’Brien