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An Armed Fetus is a Safe Fetus!

Apparently this is a common meme!

Vince Yanez
© Vince Yanez

It is even spreading across the big water, thanks to the efforts of Jesus’ General:

Jesus' General
© Jesus’ General

I’m rather proud of this sonogram, I developed the pistol the little fetus-American is holding. It was part of my effort to ensure that all Americans have an opportunity to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Sure, fetuses have lousy judgement and virtually no hand-eye coordination skills, but arming them is no more irresponsible than allowing people to carry guns in pubs. The important thing is that OB/GYNs fear the fetus, that doctors are always on edge, scared that at any moment, a fetus might thrust his pistol out through his mother’s woo woo and start firing.

Perhaps we could work together to bring the same kind of fetal firepower to Britain.

Of course, someone tweeted the next logical step:

Condoms won’t get in the way if we finally start arming sperm.