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Ongoing Conversation?

Jack Ohman
© Jack Ohman

But is the conversation going anywhere? In the immortal words of Rodney King, can we all get along?



  1. Richard wrote:

    I think this “conversation” will continue until there’s only tan and the term “race” only refers to a competition.

    Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 2:14 pm | Permalink
  2. Hassan wrote:

    The conversation has gone from freeing black slaves to the black person being president. So it is going, perhaps slow.

    Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 7:05 pm | Permalink
  3. PatriotSGT wrote:

    The conversation goes no where because it’s political. Neither side is willing to say here are our issues and how we contribute to the problem, they both want to say these are your problems and here’s what you do that cause them.

    Whites are fearful of roving gangs of black youth, they always suspect the worse first. I profile behaviors and attitudes. Parts of that are style of dress, tatoo’s, posture, eye movement, head movement, area of encounter. Basically, everything I was taught to survive in combat. Most people hav’nt had that training so they look for what they can see, race, dress, looks. If you look like a bad guy, they presume you are until proven otherwise. In my military job I judge people on the content of their character, effort, and performance and it goes the same in my full time work. It really has nothing to do with race. Do a good job there will be opportunities for you to excel and move up.

    What say the other side?

    Monday, July 29, 2013 at 7:42 am | Permalink
  4. ebdoug wrote:

    The lost boys of Sudan: Some came to the Syracuse era. It wasn’t so much the color of their skin as their tribal grouping. I.E. a whole bunch would enter a 7-11. Perfectly innocently, but that is part of their culture. The stores saw it as threatening. The Lost Boys had to be taught a cultural lesson of the US.
    My mother once said to me when I was eight after we saw South Pacific that when everyone had blended to become the tan color, we would have no more racial profiling.
    Second she said that after she died, she was coming back in fifty years. There would be peace on earth.
    I explained that we are all animals. (we are not plants or minerals) Animals fight whether we like it or not. The Sunnis fight with the Shiites. Same Religion, same color. Just part of life.

    Monday, July 29, 2013 at 8:39 am | Permalink
  5. PatriotSGT wrote:

    Ebdoug – as a follow on to that in my area we had Gypsies (Call them white)from eastern europe who would employ the same tactic of having 15 to 20 persons enter a store. Some would proceed to distract the help by asking questions or assistance while the rest of the group cleaned out the store.
    There are other groups (some black)and even groups of school kids, in my town who do the same thing. And then we wonder why store owners get upset, they don’t know the motives of the group walking in so they’re just suspicious of any large group. I’ve witnessed several mothers come in with about 6 young kids(6-10 yr olds)and distract the shop keepers so the kids can run around and take what ever they want.

    I hope your mom gets back soon, we need her.

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 2:37 pm | Permalink