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False Flag?

Glenn Greenwald is accusing the UK government of purposely leaking damaging classified information and blaming Edward Snowden for the leak, in order to make it look like Snowden has been leaking damaging information (information that could place people in danger).

I am going to reserve judgement about what is really going on, but it is pretty suspicious that The Independent, a UK paper that has never before published any revelations based on Snowden’s NSA leaks, suddenly publishes potentially damaging information, and when journalists working on Snowden’s information up until now have been careful to avoid publishing any such damaging information.

Furthermore, even though The Independent claims that the information came from Snowden, Snowden himself denies that he has ever talked to The Independent or provided them with any information.

It is also suspicious that this occurred at the exact moment that the UK government is coming under attack for detaining Greenwald’s partner David Miranda under the Terrorism Act and confiscating his laptop, phone, and camera, when they knew that he was not a terrorist. Indeed, the UK government is currently trying to convince a court that Snowden’s disclosures constituted a danger to public safety, and suddenly out pops the first disclosure that could be considered a danger to public safety.


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  1. Jonah wrote:

    At some point, if not already, the russians will try to get any information from Snowden while he is their “guest”? I think its unrealistic to think that while Snowden is there that he will be quiet and classified information will not be divulged.

    Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 5:37 am | Permalink