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Voters Reject GOP Shutdown

In a new Quinnipiac poll released today, American voters overwhelmingly reject the Republican strategy of holding the government hostage in order to block implementation of Obamacare.

They oppose 72 to 22 percent Congress shutting down the federal government. Even self identified Republicans are divided on the issue, supporting the shutdown by 47 percent with 44 percent opposed. Democrats oppose the shutdown 74 to 19 percent, while independent voters (who will be critical in the upcoming elections) oppose it 74 to 19 percent.

Voters also oppose 64 to 27 percent blocking an increase in the nation’s debt ceiling to kill Obamacare.

They are divided on Obamacare itself, with 45 percent in favor and 47 percent opposed (within the margin of error), but they are opposed 58 to 34 percent to Congress cutting off funding in order to stop its implementation.

According to Quinnipiac, “Americans are certainly not in love with Obamacare, but they reject decisively the claim by Congressional Republicans that it is so bad that it’s worth closing down the government to stop it.”

In the same poll, voters were asked if they plan to vote for a Democrat or a Republican in the 2014 Congressional races, and Democrats were were up by 9 percentage points.

The corner Congressional Republicans have painted themselves into is getting smaller and smaller.


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  1. Duckman wrote:

    Pretty generous numbers. Last I saw something closer to 85% opposed republican tactics and around 34% supported obamacare

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 3:55 pm | Permalink