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Fox News Praises Obamacare!

I am always willing to give credit where credit is due, so I will gladly point out that Fox News has one of the best, clearest, fact-filled articles on Obamacare that I have seen from any large media organization. Titled “Five reasons Americans already love ObamaCare — plus one reason why they’re gonna love it even more, soon” the article lists many of the major features of Obamacare, all of which are strongly supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.

These features are:

  1. ACA allows young Americans to stay on their parents’ insurance plans
  2. ACA bans insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions
  3. ACA offers tax credits to small businesses to buy insurance
  4. ACA requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance
  5. ACA provides subsidies to help individuals afford coverage
  6. State-based health insurance exchanges

Is it any wonder that polls show “that most Americans don’t know what’s in ObamaCare, but when told what the law actually includes, a strong majority support the law.”

My only nitpick is that Fox News had to put this into the opinion section, but I’ll overlook that.

If you have questions about Obamacare, or have developed a vague sense of unease or confusion about it because of all the media propaganda, I highly recommend that you read this article.



  1. TJ wrote:

    So they get some credit for putting out a good article, but don’t they also get most of the blame for putting out most of the confusing media propaganda?

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 9:44 am | Permalink
  2. Chelsey wrote:

    TJ: That’s exactly what I thought. Especially after reading this part:

    “This is why the conservative allegation about death panels is so ironic; while the actual ACA law does not contain death panels….”

    Gee, Fox News, I wonder where that idea came from.

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 10:13 am | Permalink