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Sporadic Posts

Postings may be a bit slower for the next few weeks, but I’ll try to post as often as possible. Get out there and enjoy spring!

Oh, and sometime next week this blog will move to a faster server. Hopefully there won’t be many bumps or hiccups.

UPDATE: New server! System response seems to be faster.



  1. Cyn wrote:

    well, alright. 😉
    take care. 🙂

    Monday, April 7, 2014 at 10:39 am | Permalink
  2. ThatGuy wrote:

    As ever, thanks for your work on the site, its content, and giving us hooligans a place to rant and rave and learn.

    Friday, April 11, 2014 at 7:17 pm | Permalink
  3. Iron Knee wrote:

    They must have switched the server. It seems much faster to me! Yippee!

    Friday, April 11, 2014 at 8:21 pm | Permalink
  4. ThatGuy wrote:

    I’d agree with that, good move!

    Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 12:09 pm | Permalink
  5. Iron Knee wrote:

    Hmmm, now it seems to be slowing down again. Sigh. No rest for the wicked!

    Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 10:38 am | Permalink