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Unimpeachable Logic

So what has the new Republican majority in Congress done so far? Well, first they were distracted for months by the confirmation of Loretta Lynch. Even though many Republicans actually liked her, the powerful GOP need to not do anything that Obama wants was strong enough for them to delay her confirmation longer than any attorney general nominee in three decades. And this despite the fact that Republicans absolutely hate Eric Holder, who continued to serve until his replacement could be confirmed.

Now that the confirmation fight is over, what’s next on the agenda for the GOP?

Would you believe they are talking about impeachment again? As usual, they are doubling down, saying that impeachment isn’t enough. They also want Obama to face jail time for his crimes.



  1. Babe of the Boom wrote:

    The Birchers in Republican costume want to impeach? All it takes is one Republican congress critter with balls to get that ball rolling. Cowards. All of them are Chicken hawk cowards. There is a price to pay for willful stupidity, even if the media does not press the Republicans on it.

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  2. redjon wrote:


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