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Obama calls Trump

This is pretty darn funny. Barack Obama calls up Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump to give him advice about the upcoming debates:

Does anyone else find it funny that there is no way to parody Trump? The real Trump is a better parody of himself than any fake one.

Another good read is “Boy, was I wrong about Donald Trump” by Chris Cillizza. Cillizza wrote a piece June 17 “Why no one should take Donald Trump seriously, in one very simple chart” claiming that statistically, there was no way anyone should pay attention to Trump, even as a semi-serious candidate. After all, at the time polls showed that 65% of GOP voters viewed Trump unfavorably. In another poll 59% of Republicans said they would never vote for Trump under any circumstances.

Nobody had ever reversed numbers like that. Everybody already knew Trump, and a vast majority didn’t like him. Really didn’t like him.

But Trump managed to reverse those numbers, and in just over a month. Instead of 65% unfavorable, those numbers have now dropped to 40%. Instead of 59% who claim they will never vote for Trump, it is now 33%.

How did he do it? Was it by appealing to our darkest instincts and fears? Are we really that easily manipulated?

Or is it, as basketball team owner Mark Cuban claims, that Trump is appealing because he is completely unscripted and says whatever he feels at the moment (even if it contradicts whatever he previously said)? Cuban says:

I don’t care what his actual positions are. I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years.

Is it true that we have become content free? People really don’t care what he says, they just care that it has truthiness and sounds sincere.