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Late Night Political Humor

“All the new polls indicate that Donald Trump is getting more popular every day. Apparently his inspiring riches to riches story is really resonating with everyday Americans.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“Right now members of the Republican National Committee are essentially the scientists in a movie realizing their creation has escaped from the lab.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“Even though Trump is on top, 54 percent of voters don’t believe he’s trustworthy or honest. If Donald Trump is dishonest, what’s he going to say when he starts being honest?” – Jimmy Kimmel

“They did a nationwide survey that found that when voters think of Donald Trump, the most common word that comes to mind is ‘Arrogant’. When the same voters think of Hillary Clinton, the most common word they use is ‘Liar.’ When they think of Jeb Bush, the first word that comes to mind is ‘Bush’. Voters don’t even care enough about Jeb Bush to come up with a word to describe him.” – Jimmy Kimmel