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Show Us the Video

Things are looking pretty bad for Carly Fiorina when even Fox News points out that her high point of the last GOP debate was a lie. Chris Wallace points out to her that no fact checker has been able to find the horrific video that she claims exists:

Do you acknowledge what every fact checker has found… that it was only described on the video… there is no actual footage that you just mentioned?

Of course, Fiorina doubles down and claims again that she has seen it, and accuses the fact checkers of lying:

No, I don’t accept it at all. I’ve seen the footage and I find it amazing that all these supposed fact checkers claim it doesn’t exist. I will continue to dare anyone that wants to defund Planned Parenthood, to watch the videos.

There’s an easy solution. Fiorina should show us the video. Put up or shut up.