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Late Night Political Humor

“Donald Trump said something un-Trumpy this morning. He was on ‘The Today Show’ and Matt Lauer asked him about the transgender law, and whether Caitlyn Jenner would be welcome to use the bathroom at Trump Tower, and Trump said she should be able to use whatever bathroom she wants. Ted Cruz believes that transgender people should hold it in.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“Why is this even a thing? Why does this have to be legislated? I mean, really, how many transgendered people can there even be in North Carolina? Five, maybe? Eight tops.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“If you think that you’re worried about what is going to happen in this race, just consider Reince Priebus, RNC chairman and man whose name is an anagram for ‘crisp bee urine.'” – Stephen Colbert

“Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina Seek Two Additional Horsemen” – Andy Borowitz

Gary Varvel
© Gary Varvel