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Trump and the Honeymooners

I wish someone would stand up to Trump like this.


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  1. Ralph wrote:

    Awesome! I think many of us have shouted as much when he inevitably shows up on TV. Unfortunately, Trump is always too busy shouting himself to hear anything else going on around him and suppose his response would be much the same as in that clip.

    Truth be told, Ralph is my nom de guerre in honor of my comic hero character, Ralph Kramden, which I adopted years ago as a cover to keep trolls out of my primary mailbox. Replaced the “K” with a “C” from the episode of Kranmar’s Delicious Mystery Appetizer (because Kranmar was already taken in Yahoo, dammit!) I’ve probably seen every episode of The Honeymooners 10x or more over the years, and so have my two Republican brothers, who will be finding this clip in their mailboxes soon, much to their chagrin I expect.

    IK, thanks for that clip, a real keeper!

    Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 10:21 am | Permalink