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Spammer Trump

You know how Donald Trump raised money last month? By sending out YUUUGE amounts of email spam! I never imagined that anything could be worse than spam clogging up my inbox, but spam from a racist billionaire begging for money?

Trump sent out so much spam that he was cut off by his bulk email vendor. They said they shut him down because the “email in question has raised serious security and legal concerns”.

We’ve already noted that he sent email to numerous foreign politicians, but it turns out that he sent even more to lots of foreigners, even though legally they are not allowed to donate to his campaign, and it would be illegal for his campaign to accept donations for foreigners. But why would that stop Trump?

According to companies that monitor spam, a stunning 79% of fundraising emails from Trump were caught in spam filters, a number which is considered “very high” even in the spam industry. This made Trump’s campaign likely one of the biggest spamming operations out there at the moment.

In all, just 12% of recipients opened Trump’s email, but that is someone balanced by the fact that he sent an estimated 30 to 50 million emails.

Lee Judge
© Lee Judge