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Trump versus Trump

Believe it or not, Donald Trump sued people whose last name was actually “Trump” for using their own name.

It turns out that there is a company founded by brothers Eddie and Jules Trump called “The Trump Group”. They do a lot of real estate development in places like Florida, but when they tried to buy a business in the New York area, Donald Trump sued them, claiming that their “recent entrance in the New York area utilizing the name ‘the Trump Group’ can only be viewed as a poorly veiled attempt at trading on the goodwill, reputation and financial credibility of the plaintiff.”

He lost.

This is especially hilarious because Trump had a twitter war with Jon Stewart about the fact that Trump is actually not the Donald’s real family name (it’s Drumpf).


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  1. westomoon wrote:

    Another Republican quirk?

    When Mitt Romney headed up the SLC Olympic Games, he sued everyone who dared use the word “Olympic” in their name, no matter how long they’d had their name.

    This became awkward where I live, more than a thousand miles from Salt Lake City on Washington’s large and beautiful Olympic Peninsula (the “thumb” of the State’s map), named after the Olympic Mountains which mostly fill it. The Romney Olympics sued every local business, large or small, with “Olympic” in its name.

    The sad part is, some of the smaller ones, who couldn’t afford the legal costs, actually changed their names in response.

    Monday, August 8, 2016 at 11:25 am | Permalink