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Trump and Mexico

But just wait a minute and I’ll have a different opinion.

Jeff Stahler
© Jeff Stahler

Just wait until I’m elected.

Tom Toles
© Tom Toles

Believe me!

Drew Sheneman
© Drew Sheneman

You know, Trump keeps talking about building a wall, but that wouldn’t actually keep anyone out. Since 1990, the Border Patrol has discovered around 200 tunnels that simply would go under any wall, no matter how tall. And the US Customs and Border Protection commissioner concedes that many more tunnels might exist.

Trump then claims that he would use the “best technology” to “find and dislocate [sic] tunnels and keep out criminal cartels.” Except, no such technology exists:

The American government has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into research in hopes of finding a way to detect tunnels, but most of these efforts have ended in disappointment. Most recently, the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security concluded that none of the current methods used to detect underground tunnels were “necessarily suited to Border Patrol agents’ operational needs.”

For example, radar can be used to find tunnels up to 10 feet deep, but we know that tunnels have been dug that are 90 feet deep.

I guess Trump is just blowing hot air out of some tunnel. Or maybe he has dislocated his brain.