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Front Row Debate Row

There seems to be a side competition going on. A few days ago, Mark Cuban tweeted:

Mark Cuban tweet

Cuban famously questioned Trump’s boasted wealth in Vanity Fair, inciting a feud between the two billionaires.

Trump responded Saturday by tweeting:


Flowers is a former model who had an extramarital affair with Bill Clinton in the 80s. Even though Flowers supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton back in 2008 and said she had no interest in bashing her, reportedly she has accepted the invitation from Trump, writing on Facebook “Hi Donald Trump… I’m in your corner. Of course I will see u at the debate !!”.

Trump famously is very thin skinned, but this is ridiculous. Is he even taking the debate seriously?


One Comment

  1. Ralph wrote:

    Cuban is doing Clinton no favors by drawing the limelight onto himself and starting a Twitter war with Trump. It’s practically his home turf and plays into his hand by helping to divert media attention away from what the debates should really be about, substance over style. The Flowers invitation rebuttal was practically predictable, I’m surprised he didn’t claim to have invited Monica to join in on the fun too (“yeah baby, and wear that blue dress too why don’tcha!”). As if this whole campaign season isn’t enough of a joke already.

    Mark, if you’re out there somewhere, please just stay home and watch the debates on your 100″ UltraHD 3DTV with digital surround sound in your climate controlled home theater with catered snacks, just like God intended.
    We’ll all be better off, thank you.

    Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 9:46 pm | Permalink