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No Laughing Matter?

Now that the election is over, political comics are having a tough time. Yeah, I know, everyone thought that Donald Trump winning the election would be pure gold for comedians, but it turns out that it is not that easy. This country has become so polarized that if you make political jokes about Trump, you will piss off half your audience. And heaven forbid you make pro-Trump jokes!

As one comic put it:

This election was the most polarizing election in the history of our country. To even lightly joke about Trump leads Trump supporters to assume you are a Hillary supporter and the ­hatred ensues. You run the risk of losing half of your audience — actually, less than half, based on popular vote — but it’s just not worth it and, furthermore, it’s too damn easy.

I guess that now that Trump won the election, it isn’t funny any more — regardless of which side you’re on.