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Not Made In America

Donald Trump decided to celebrate this week as “Made in America” week, saying “Remember the old days, you used to have ‘Made in the USA’. We’re going to put that brand on our products because it means it’s the best.” Then he held an event at the White House where he highlighted products made in each of the 50 US states, including cowboy hats from Texas, baseball bats from Kentucky, tractors from Illinois, and so on.

Then someone noticed something strange. There were no Trump-branded products at the event. Trump and his family have have never hesitated to promote their own products, so what gives?

It looks like he couldn’t find any Trump-branded products that are made in America. Is Trump admitting that his products are not “the best”?

© Jack Ohman


One Comment

  1. Ralph wrote:

    Speaking of Russian “ties”…the plot thickens, er, sickens. Something tells me Dana will have a perfectly good explanation and he’s got a good role model in the WH now who can show him all the best moves that are working so well for him.

    Here’s my favorite part. Recently, Rohrabacher, as a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, was questioning a panel of rocket scientists from NASA and asked them about whether advanced civilizations might have existed on Mars thousands of years ago. Seriously! A couple of the panel members looked at other, barely hiding their expressions of bemused incredulity, and politely informed the congressman that Mars today appears much as it did many many thousands of years ago, while all the evidence to date suggests it was several billion years ago that Mars appears to have had liquid water shaping its surface features. But no, Congressman, one scientist assured him, there is no evidence of any past Martian civilizations, or even microscopic forms of life, past or present.

    So there’s my political irony of the day. Turns out the same lame-brain Republican Congressman (on the Science Committee) pondering the existence of Martians has aliens invading his own staff!

    Can’t make it up, folks.

    Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 12:42 pm | Permalink