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Sometimes, not always, but sometimes I think Donald Trump wants to lose his majority in Congress at the midterms. I know this sounds crazy, but what isn’t crazy now?

Look at it this way. Trump loves to complain about how unfair things are to him. With him as president and having majorities in both houses of Congress, he doesn’t really have anyone he can actually blame. He tries to blame Obama for the mysterious “deep state” that was installed in the executive branch that causes all his problems. He tries to blame Jeff Sessions (his own appointee) for the Russian investigation. He wants someone to blame.

And what does Trump have to lose? Other than the Republican tax cut, everything he has done has been by executive order, something he will still have the ability to do even if Congress turns solidly blue. And with a Democratic Congress he will be able to blame the Democrats for everything.

You might ask, but what about judicial appointments? If the Senate goes to the Democrats, it won’t be so easy to appoint conservative judges. He thought it would be fine if he gets Kavanaugh installed on the Supreme Court, but remember, even if the nomination fails, Trump still has until January to install a conservative, and establish a conservative majority.



  1. paradoctor wrote:

    Can we please stop calling those radically destructive insurgents ‘conservative’?

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