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Lie like you just don’t care

I know none of this is a surprise, but given that Trump’s campaign rallies have gotten so old and tired that even Fox News isn’t broadcasting them live anymore, this seems particularly germane.

Yesterday, Donald Trump defended his decision to proceed with a political rally in Pennsylvania as hurricane Michael devastated the Florida panhandle and wreaked havoc across the SE US. His excuse? He claimed that he could not disappoint his many fans. Seriously.

On a telephone call to “Fox and Friends”, Trump said:

We had thousands of people standing on line. It’s a great thing that’s happening. It’s a great movement in our country. I go make a speech in a 12,000-seat auditorium, and people start lining up two days early. I mean, literally, they bring tents.

But the local newspaper reports that the capacity of the auditorium is 9000, something that is easily verified. And the line for the rally did not start two days early, as Trump claims, it started earlier the same day as the event, around 12 hours early.

Trump lies for absolutely no reason. Even if the lies are easily disproved. And just to feed his own ego. But it gets worse.

Add hypocrisy to this. Trump excoriated Barack Obama in 2012, tweeting:

Yesterday Obama campaigned with JayZ & Springsteen while Hurricane Sandy victims across NY & NJ are still decimated by Sandy. Wrong!

And that was for Obama campaigning days after hurricane Sandy dissipated, while Trump was happy to campaign while hurricane Michael was actively killing people and destroying whole towns. Talk about fiddling while your country burns.

And to add insult to literal injury, during the campaign rally Trump mocked the #MeToo movement.

Trump also found time to have lunch with Kanye West the same day. Priorities.

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  1. Jonah wrote:

    None of these matter! What matters is the economy is booming and the country is getting wealthier.Congratulations America!

    I know the article above states that the deficit is getting larger but thats Obama’s fault. The billions and trillions of dollars lost from our trade wars with Canada and the bribes paid to Iran are the reasons for the deficit.

    Obviously the voters will be smart enough to recognise the reason for the increase in deficit and will recognize Trump as the brilliant businessman that he is. One who has for several years taken advantage of the system but in a fair and just manner! One who smartly avoided paying taxes for several years (like his brilliant son in law) and who got a tiny loan that added up to several million dollars from his father. The voters correctly recognized his brilliance and voted him in as our beloved president.

    And that final reason is why America will be a great nation for years to come. Having smart intelligent voters who show up on election day and have the ability to read a candidate perfectly!


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