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Fool me again?

One of my readers posted a link to an article “What if Mueller Proves Trump Collusion and No One Cares?“. The subtitle is even more interesting, “Last week we saw evidence that Manafort shared polling data with Russians, but most Americans were looking the other way.”

The article’s point is that there is (for the first time) actual credible evidence that Donald Trump and his campaign helped the Russians throw the election. That isn’t just collusion, that’s treason. And Trump does what he always does and distracts us. As the article goes on to lament, everyone was talking about the shutdown and immigration, so the news about the actions of our own orange Manchurian Candidate got lost in the noise. We fell for it.

Today, the news is that in the middle of Republicans leaders condemning Representative Steve King for his racist remarks, Trump is sending out blatantly racist dog whistles to his base. Everyone is outraged and this new story is now dominating the news. Which is actually hilarious, because everyone already knows that Trump is a racist scumbag. Even his base, but they of course love him for it.

All I can say is that Trump’s latest shocking stunts (including shutting down the government over a wall that will not do a single thing to solve his imaginary immigration crisis) show that he must be terrified that we now have the smoking gun that can end Trump’s presidency and even send him to jail for the rest of his disgusting life. But that will happen only if we stop letting ourselves be distracted by Trump and his shenanigans and start paying attention to the real news.

Trump doesn’t care if he destroys the US and sells us out to the Russians. He doesn’t care if he destroys the Republican party (and he will succeed if the Republicans don’t wise up to him soon, although it might already be too late since the Republicans have been complicit in all of this as well). He only cares about himself and saving his miserable neck. He will keep doing outrageous things to distract us. I predict Trump will do something completely nuts tomorrow, and again the media will eat it up.

We need to focus. Because if Trump is able to distract us by doing more and more outrageous things (which fire up his base), then there is no limit to what he might do. Even start wars. Drop nuclear weapons. Or worse.

If we keep being fooled over and over by his obvious tactic, then shame on us.

We need to just laugh at him and say “there you go again.”