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More Trump Doublespeak

On June 13, 2018, as Donald Trump arrived home after his first summit meeting with Kim Jong Un, he tweeted:

Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!

Now, on the eve of Trump’s second summit with Kim Jong Un, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was interviewed by Jake Tapper:

TAPPER: Do you — do you think North Korea remains a nuclear threat?


TAPPER: But the President said he doesn’t.

POMPEO: That’s not what he said.

These cannot both be true.

Actually, they are both lying: Trump for claiming that North Korea is no longer a Nuclear Threat, and Pompeo for claiming that that is not what Trump said.