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Mueller Time

If you are looking for a straightforward article that sums up Robert Mueller’s report and William Barr’s somewhat disingenuous interpretations of it, you can hardly do better than this article in Politico.

I find it very sad that the office of Attorney General of the US has become completely politicized. The Attorney General is supposed to enforce the law, not be a cheerleader for the president. As the article points out, Barr only talks about things in the report that are favorable to Trump. And he either ignores or mischaracterizes things that are less than favorable.

Luckily, the majority of Americans are not buying what Barr is selling.

UPDATE: Electoral-vote has an excellent summary of the report, and the reaction to it. This is a must-read report.


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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Not quite the majority actually just 1/3, and as would be assumed, mostly along party lines.But, it’s not really been enough time to think and reflect.

    I was thinking about our hyper- political world and came to some conclusions solely based on my opinions.

    I have never been a very religious person, but I do try to be a spiritual person. By that I mean, live the life of a good member of humanity. I long ago more or less decided that religion is more of a club, created by people who started out wanting to do good, until people started to feel powerful in their roles, making up silly rules and telling their members what to think and how to act. Now that’s control.

    Fast forward to our current political parties and I see many similarities. Originally, it was people banded together to try and find solutions for incredibly challenging problems.
    Our first President got it right when he chose Jefferson as Sec of State, and Hamilton as Sec of Treasury. They were polar political opposites and Washington new it, understood he would have countless headaches, but felt the 2 contrary opinions would yield the best solutions and he was willing to endure the arguments for the greater good.

    Now our present political parties are polar opposites. But they seem to have become more of a religion where each tells their members what to think, say and believe. There are platforms divided along wedge issues like abortion and if you are want to be listened to by your party, then you must repeat after them.

    But I suspect, there are others, similar to myself who do not want to be told what to think. For example, my thought on abortion are complex, not black and white. I have similar thinking on just about every topic and problem. I think our current political tribes are the biggest threat to our democracy. And I think we’d be best to do away with them. We are not Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans.

    Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 6:21 am | Permalink